Manikako Workshop Day

A Manikako workshop happened to day at a school in Payatas. Manikakos are dolls made out of old clothes we don’t use any more. Payatas is a place where there are poor kids and mountains made out of junk.

It was fun but I didn’t like the presentation time because I didn’t like to dance today. But anyways it was fun. This is the picture of my doll.

Our theme for today was super heroes of the environment. First I drew a picture of my doll. Then I started sewing the starting parts of the doll. Third I put the star on the middle of his belly. Then I put on the tooth brush sword on him. Then his bracelet and his cape.Then finaly his mask and mouth.


giant pao

my  friend made this and i think it was nice of her to make  this and its perfecto for my blog.

fruit face

i made this face out of lemons, green lemons and oranges it is a bit funny.

Remembering Manila Ocean Park

Pictures I took at Manila Ocean Park when I was 5.

[docstoc docId=”37754873″ mId=”1016797″ width=”500″ height=”450″ slideMode=”false” showRelatedDocs=”true” showOtherDocs=”true” allowdownload=”true” url=””%5DRemembering Manila Ocean Park[/docstoc]

Abosolutely NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed at the aquarium and the Spawn followed this rule obediently.
~Random Jan