my favorite dinosaur

My favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops horridus that means horrible three horned face. (This is a funny name to call a Triceratops!!!=p ) The Triceratops horridus is a Herbivore they live in herds. They have a frill. The frill is made out of bone that is how they protect them selves from Preditors like the T-rex.

Its my favorite dinosaur because he has a shield and no other dinosaur has one.


im flying hi

meet gobo he is a fliying monster but heis intrbule he did not notice a night firy waghting to eat him use the arrow keys tomove gobo around the clouds ,clike the night firy to hear a complane, prees the x key tochang speed.

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do re mi

this is my project madewith Scratch. I had fun using that program that i used it until my teacher (thats my mom) told me to go to sleep.

i made another one but i’ll upload it later.

Click on the colored shapes to hear some sounds that i recorded. Click the green flag to hear me talking.

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maths tutorials.

I answered these on the web and i got some wrong and most right ( but when i did it again i did it right )

i learned two importent rules ( or sutras ) they are

” All from nine and the last from ten” and “vertically and crosswise ”

i thoght that it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

NOTE FROM MOM: The Math Tutorials he answered were from

~Random Jan

my yoga presentation

There was a party at and i won a prize for a doing a yoga sun salutation.  I sang good day sunshin while i did the sun salutation and i felt nervos about it but i still did it.  My Bikram Yoga teacher said to me good job and i felt happy and proud abut my self.  My prize was M&MS my fav… chocolate. (M&ms are milk chocolate yummy : )