First Day of Arnis

I had a very fun time at Arnis ( although i was scared tee hee ) one of the things i learnd from Arnis is in the video. It was super fun! but some of the warm ups where hard but i will get better if i pactice it.

I whanted to do arnis beacuse it would be apart of my JEDI TRAINING!!!! can you imagin insted of chik chik chik it would be zhom zhom zhom it would be SUPER COOOOOOOOOL!!!!



  1. Ohmygosh that’s soo cool!!! It’s like karate kid 😉

  2. hello. I still can’t open the video. but I’m so very happy for you that you are learning ‘arnis.’ I would say it would be my other option (the other would be wushu) for you to learn. both these martial arts use sticks and you will be very adept at coordinating your hands and body to the motions of the sport. HAVE FUN.
    but I wish I could open the video. please ask your Mom how I can make it work.
    Love you….. <;0)

  3. Always wanted to try Arnis…I ENVY YOU :))

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