A Visit to The Museum

A Visit to The Museum

On a Saturday of November my Mom and I went to a Science Museum. I learned the parts of the body. Like the bones, muscles, nerves and brain. You will also see a movie about how babys are born.

The bodys that you will see are not models. The bodies are real dead bodies! Don’t freak our the bodies are dead. The name of the museum is “Myth of the Human BOdy.”
You can Google it on your computer (if you are interested) and find out where it is. My favorite section is “Zeus’s Hall” the brain and nerves.


  1. Hey paoo!
    Cool!! A museum!! I also went to a museum recently, oct. 22. Field trip!!! But it was the ayala museum, it was cool though!
    OH yeah, guess what, there’s a no hugging rule at my school. I HATE IT. 😦 I’m sad now. =)) ok..
    Miss you and everyone else!!!

    • relly! great . how was it? what is its name? i have so many questions hehe:D ps i miss you :(((((

  2. Ayala museum, it’s kind of about the history of the philipipnes, there are cool dioramas and there’s this GOLD EXHIBIT. awesomeee. 8D I really liked it there, it was cool. =)) Haha, what questions?

  3. Hey, new blog 🙂 Click on my name right there 🙂 Haha

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