>Learning About God


The Heart of Religion
Global One Project mini-documentary


i was watching a move called the “heart of religun “and i herd a guy hoo said this
and we go deeper and deeper insid ar heart and we meet the one hoo is inside ar heart; god i sink he said that Bcuse he wants to be with god but not just him uder (or oder or other) peple to

i saw a kid wid a kandals

  bisids pepel ar vanishing

god hoo is god of all

feliz navidad

oh i fegot hers wat i lernd about i lernd abaut god

I was watching a movie called “The Heart of Religion” and I heard a guy who said this, “…and we go deeper and deeper inside our heart and we meet the one who is inside our heart. God.” I think he said that because he wants to be with God. But not just him, other people too.
I saw a kid with candles.
Besides, people are vanishing.
God who is God of all.
Feliz Navidad!
Oh, I forgot, here’s what I learned about: I learned about God.

(Translation by Teacher Random Jan)


>Spanish Lesson: Articles


Spanish Lesson on Articles. Singular, Plural, Masculine, and Feminine Forms.


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