my favorite dinosaur

My favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops horridus that means horrible three horned face. (This is a funny name to call a Triceratops!!!=p ) The Triceratops horridus is a Herbivore they live in herds. They have a frill. The frill is made out of bone that is how they protect them selves from Preditors like the T-rex.

Its my favorite dinosaur because he has a shield and no other dinosaur has one.


im flying hi

meet gobo he is a fliying monster but heis intrbule he did not notice a night firy waghting to eat him use the arrow keys tomove gobo around the clouds ,clike the night firy to hear a complane, prees the x key tochang speed.

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do re mi

this is my project madewith Scratch. I had fun using that program that i used it until my teacher (thats my mom) told me to go to sleep.

i made another one but i’ll upload it later.

Click on the colored shapes to hear some sounds that i recorded. Click the green flag to hear me talking.

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maths tutorials.

I answered these on the web and i got some wrong and most right ( but when i did it again i did it right )

i learned two importent rules ( or sutras ) they are

” All from nine and the last from ten” and “vertically and crosswise ”

i thoght that it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

NOTE FROM MOM: The Math Tutorials he answered were from

~Random Jan

my yoga presentation

There was a party at and i won a prize for a doing a yoga sun salutation.  I sang good day sunshin while i did the sun salutation and i felt nervos about it but i still did it.  My Bikram Yoga teacher said to me good job and i felt happy and proud abut my self.  My prize was M&MS my fav… chocolate. (M&ms are milk chocolate yummy : )

My First Month of Homeschool


This is my first year of homeschool and it is IXTREMLI GREAT!!!!!!!!! it is extremly great beacuse MY MOM IS IS MY TEACHER!!!!!!!.

My first book riport was “ PA JINGLEBOB AND THE GRABBL GANG “.

This book was my most fav… book because Pa Jinglebob scard the bandits hoo where apart of mr.grabbles gang he scard them with the all of the kids and some of the horeses and dreesed them with some knitting the sherrif knitted. Pa Jinglebob is the fastest knitter in the west the towns name isBUKUROO.

I learned to knit beacuse pajingle bob knittes . When I lernd to knit I made finger knitted scarves and sold some so me and my mom could get mony to buy stuff. I sold them for 50 pesos each.

For my next project I watch and read ARCTICTALE. in the movie ARCTIC TALE I saw a WALRUS blow a bubble out of its nose that is how a WALRUS takes out its kolagot ( gross right X D ) did you know nanu meansbaby polar bear. nanu is a cute baby polar bear and there is a walrus named seela dose that name seem to to be fit for a walrus or a seel? you disid.

For the lesson in arctic tale I anserd some questions sheets and wrote down a letter ether to nanu or seela, so I wrote to nanu because I like polar bears and know I whant to pet one. I whant to pet a polar bear to feel itand if it likes me I will feed it and play with it.

Because I read arctic tale I also read polar bears past bed time, a magic tree house book the two pepol hoo whent on the adventurs where jack and anny. Jack and anny whent to the arctic and met a seal hunter and polar bears. I liked the book polar bears past bed time.

For my project I made a polar bear inuwit mask. The mask I made looks specal to me because it looks scary enough to scare a person.

I also learned abaut food cycles. Food cycles are almost like a story exsept It is a food cycle.
a food cycle is like this: plant, worm, grasshopper, bird. a food cycle Is like a story of life.

I learned about some of the arctic animals like hares, lemmings caribu, wolves, wolverin (not from ex-men).i also read a book called “snowshow the hare “ in the book I saw sqerrles ,otters, pourcipines,and lemmings. The special thing about some of theas animals are that they can comafloug. Theas are the animals that can: lemmigs, and hares.when it is summer the animalsturn brownwhen it is winther there fur turn white.i use to have hamsters named snow and ashes they comaflog also.

In math im lernig somethin new, im lernig speed math this way less steps and it is faster.
Whith speedmath you need referens numbers, reference numbers like 10 and 100. than find out haw much more you need to make ten or one hundred then subtract the number diaginaly under the question number . (but if it is more than ten or one hundred than add), then wright the answer at the eqals then multiply the number under the question, then wright the aswer againat the eqwals, then add.thats how to do speed math.

Me and my mom are starting p.e. Swimmig. I think that p.e, is going to be fun for me ( I also whent to a trip to Tigiti Hilands and there I swam and had fun.).

Im also making vidios and vidios are fun to me to make. Its fromcamera vidios to computer vidios. ( BUT!!! I havent made my first vidio yet but I will uplode it soon.)

I learned that negritos came here to the filipine from the briges of earth,the indones came here using boats,the malay also came here with boats. the boat where special.i forgotwhat it was called but at least I remember it was special. Negritos: have round eyes dark skin flat noses short, Indones: have chinki eyes white skin sharp noses tall,2 Indones: like Negritos exept tall and muskuler,Malay: round eyes brown skin flat noses tall.

Im filipino and I lernd to draw my self I drew a self portrat of myself it was hard to do it but I still had fun doing it and I had super funcoloring the portrat of my self.

I learned filipino animals and what sounds they make . Like pusa miawmiaw palaka ribitribit aso rufruf tupa baabaa baka moomoo.

I also learned when to use a full stop or period you use a period after a sentence you use a period after the inisals of your name you use a period after a first letter of a abreviation. But you don’t use a period on street sign.

I also learned when to use capitalization. You use capitalization at the start of a sentence like this:
I am emortal.You also use capitalizationat the starting of proper nouns. Like this: Tigiti Hilands.
Propernouns are pepoles names, days of the week, month of the year,public holiday, day, natinalitis, languiges, geografical locations, compony names, religons.

I learned a bit of typing :pinki on left hand letter a, ring finger on left hand letter s,middle finger left hand letter d,index finger left hand letter f ,thub left hand space. Thub right hand space
index finger right hand letter j, middle finger right hand letter k,ring finger letter l, pinki right hand coulum and semicolum. This is the homerow.

I whent bungee jumping andi was scard to flip because I was whay to high up in the sky.

My mom read to me books of Senonims and Prepostions Prepositions answer questions like whens whers and hows. Synonims are words that mean the same.( Athonims are words that are oppositeswhats the opposite of doghut a cooki with a hole around it whats the opposite of opposite thats a bit to hard I quit) that poem was from a book and I like that funny poem.

I also read mondays with a mad genius it is also a magic treehouse book in this kind Jack and Anny have too find out the secret of happines to help merlin I learned that leanardo davici made a greatbird that can make him fly but leanardo nardo did not know he needed a motar to help him fly he took a lift off and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew he fel. Jack and Anny thought that leanardo davici was dead but lukuly he was not dead.

leanardo davici is an artist he is the one hoo painted mona lisa (mona means my lady) leanardo davici was also a genius, and enventor. I liked that book because I like leanardo davici in the book

I also lernd the legind of camolot where king arther was dying so he told one of hismen to trow exalibur in to the lake of infinity but he hid and lied and again until he was dead then finally he trew exalibur in to the lake and hefound the msot amzing thing he saw a woman in the lake and then he herd a voice then he whent back to the kindom and told a gard to help him fetch the king.

I rememberd about king arthor when I whatched thunder cats I saw mamra chang in to arthor and pretendid to be the king and got the sorwd exalibur and he whent to the thundercats layer and preten did to be ther frend but thenhe diceidid to fight and almost won the fight just then the wizard hoo made the sowrd aperd and put mamra back in to his layar and restord the thunder cats then he asked if they culd gard it but thy alredy have a sowrd so they ask him to put it back in to the river of enfinity the end.

I had fild trip to ark avillon zoo because ate joey whanted a pet rabbit, after we whent araund the zoo and I saw a lot of animals. I saw a white tiger, a tapiar, an ape that I was afraid of ,valturs, a cran,and fish ,pigs, goats ,lams ,snaks, iguana.

I watch animal alfabetand I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveit it is my fav… because it has some funny songs and geffory giraf said g is for giraff just like me.

I also learned a bit about dinosurs AND DINOSURS ARE NOT EXTINCT DINOSURSARE NON AVIUN BIRDS ALL BIRD ARE DINOSURS .THY ARE ALL AROUND US TODAY TOMORROW ENFINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
because dinosurs envolved in to birds. There are diferent kinds of fossles like trace fossels and body fossles.

I really whant to learn more about dinosurs.

My mom read a funny vertion of snow white and the 7 dwarvs I rieely was silly. Sadly snow white almost died lukuly for the dwarvs a prince came past and fell in love with her beauty and kissed her then shy woke up and fineli they got merrid.

I made finger knitted scarves, bath salts, magic wallets. I made them to sell on a homeschool bazzar at the bazzar I had super duper fun at the bazzar.i mostly liked being shef teds asistant it was super yummy drink.sadly I did not get to taste the waffles. X(

Tomorrow is my second month of homeschool and we are starting the day with yoga meditation and some times swimming.

I hope to learn more about moreof dinosurs like I said and finish my movie of cource.

I am exited to do more homeschooling and two words for you good bye.

Finger Knitted Scarves

Finger Knitted Scarves

i made theas finger nitted scarves for a homeschool bazzar  i amalsomaking “magic walets “and”bath salts”. but actuly the other stuff isint inthe picture.i hope to see you at the bazzar.

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